Dolphin Tour in Zanzibar

Itinerary Summary (Southbound & Northbound)

Attribute Itinerary
Minimum price $20 per person... more prices
-- Southbound (Kizimkazi)
Schedule 07:00 to 10:00 (fixed time)
Starting point Kizimkazi, South
Termination point Kizimkazi, South
-- Northbound (Mnemba Island)
Schedule 07:30 to 10:30 (fixed time)
Starting point Matemwe, North East
Termination point Matemwe, North East
-- More Info:
Key activities Sightseeing, snorkeling
Main attractions Humpback Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins
Memo The dolphins are not in captivity, its imperative to stick with the time to catch up with their routine
dolphin tour zanzibar Bottlenose Dolphin.

This is a morning excursion, the main attraction of the Dolphin Tour in Zanzibar being able to swim close to the dolphins, actually its swimming with the dolphins. Being very social themselves you can even get to play with them.

dolphin tour zanzibar Humpback Dolphins.

Is Swimming with Dolphins Safe?

Dolphins are known for being friendly, but they are wild animals that should be treated with caution and respect. Interactions with people change dolphin behavior for the worse. They lose their natural wariness, which makes them easy targets for vandalism and shark attack. These dolphin you are visiting are not in captivity or tamed so it important to take precaution.

What the Trip Includes

Swimming with Dolphins at Kizimkazi

Kizimkazi fishing village is home to several schools of the bottlenosed dolphins and humpback dolphins, which are sighted following a short boat trip from the village. The dolphins are very friendly and playful. The best part is getting into the water and play with them.

dolphin tour Zanzibar Swimming with dolphins in Kizimkazi.

Swimming with Dolphins at Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island is by far the most popular island in the archipelago. It's simply gorgeous and the underwater life matches the scene. In recent days, dolphins have continuously been spotted in the area, catching every swimmer's attention. Like those in Kizimkazi, these dolphins can also be approached and swim with.

Prices for Dolphin Tour in Zanzibar

Categories Basic Premium Plus
Adult $25 $40 $50
Child (5-10) $20 $35 -
Baby - - -
Group from 5 $20 $35 $45
Single supplement $5 $5 $5
Price Inclusions
Entry: Menai Bay conservation
Life jacket, mask, flippers
Boat, skipper, crew
Bottle of water
Snack: omelette with chapati
Soft drinks -
Alcohol (adults only) - -
Lunch -

Pick-up and drop off would be calculated for you separately depending on your location.

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